Craigslist Find! PH 5 light

August 18th, 2009


By now you are all familiar with our obsession with Poul Henningsen lights. We picked up a pair of PH 4 lights while in Copenhagen (THE mecca for all your PH light needs). We would have loved to have grabbed one of the larger PH 5 lights on offer for about $200 each but we still had three countries to visit so it just wasn’t possible. Ebay usually has them but the going price often falls between $400-600.


A flash of purple.

Last week John came across one on Craigslist and although we really don’t have the money for it right now (the reno budget has long gone), we jumped on it with little hesitation. It’s our favourite and we’ve been wanting one for above our kitchen Saarinen table. At $350, it’s far from a bargain, but it is a fair price. We didn’t have to pay shipping, instead opting for the longish drive to Whitby. The seller told us the previous home owners were Danish and although she’s been living there for a number of years now, she held on to the PH light because she liked it. In the end, however, it was simply too modern for the rest of her decor. Score for Juli and John.


From above–the lightbulb fixture easily twists onto the body,
sliding effortlessly into the thrree round metal bits.


The blue underside.


A view of the underside.

According to the Louis Poulsen website, “In PH 5 the legs are purple and 2 smaller coloured shades enhance the part of the spectrum of light least sensitive to the eye – Red-painted inside of the cone creates a warm tone of light.”

There’s a reason why these lights were/are standard fare in Danish homes. Thoughtfully crafted, they are unimposing yet visually appealing, giving off a soft, diffused and gorgeous light. Kitka votes them best kitchen table light ever.

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