Iittala Little Tern Bird Winner

August 7th, 2009


We received an email from our contest winner Kate on Thursday! Her prize arrived safe and sound (and fast!).

“When I picked it up from Purolator last week, I was handed a rather large box. I wondered if I’d mistook how big it was, but it turns out that All Modern just does a really good job at packaging fragile things. After excavating a layer of inflated plastic, I dug out a smaller box that contained the bird wrapped up inside.

The fact that the bird is hollow (because it’s hand-blown) really contributes to its beauty. Ideally, I would have placed it in a window so that the light would reflect through. Bachelor apartments don’t always provide ideal settings though, so it’s living on my faux fireplace mantle instead where it impresses me every time I look at it.”


We’re so glad you are enjoying the Little Tern Bird.

ps. Nice Finel bowl! John got me that very one for Christmas. And we saw some pendant light shades with the same pattern in a vintage store in Copenhagen.

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