Dreaming on Ebay

August 5th, 2009

Well, we spent Monday and Tuesday working on the cottage, it’s coming along and we’ll probably have the kitchen done by next week. We’re setting an end date for the last week of August since it’s been all work and no play all summer long. We really need to start using the cottage as a place for relaxing so we want to make August count! Then we can be lazy all September.

As you probably know furnishings should probably be the last thing on our mind, but while I’m at work my mind starts to wander and it forces me to search Ebay for all sorts of treasures that I’d love to fill the cottage up with.

Here’s what I’m dying for today:


You know we’ve been looking for a rocking chair, and I think this would be perfect! It’s very shaker inspired, BLACK, and only 352 CAD! It’s very similar to the Hans Wegner rocking chair, but without the big price tag, too bad at this stage in the game we don’t have much money left… Juli, do you want to go halfzies?


Ladder back chairs are so cool! I’d love to see this with a Finnish long haired sheep skin.




Isn’t this Kofod Larsen rocking chair absolutely gorgeous?! I remember seeing these chairs for next to nothing a couple years ago, now they’re quite popular reaching very high prices at auctions. This one’s $1378.00 CAD way out of our budget (budget being 50 dollars).




Alright, we found a couple really cool rockers, but we still need to find the perfect pendant for the kitchen area. I really love this NOVA copper light from Fog & Morup. I don’t really see that many copper lights around the city and it might be a cool medium to add to the kitchen $269.10 CAD



Honestly, photos say it all and as you can tell from this photo; this light doesn’t really look as nice as the copper pendant. I assure you; it’s a really nice light and has a beautiful sleek shape. We need something that distributes light well, and isn’t too large (since out kitchen ceiling aren’t that high) I think this glossy white pendant would look really nice against the fir ply kitchen walls. (Fog & Morup 1967) $323.00 CAD



Here at Kitka we are drunkards, and by we, I mainly mean Juli (she can drink me under the table). We don’t have much storage in the cottage, so we need a buffet to hold additional serving ware, plates, and happy juice. I am in love with this cabinet, I really like things that are a bit quirky and it’s nothing like the business as usual credenzas I see on Cragislist (not that those credenzas aren’t beautiful, they’re just too low for our needs).


I love those legs! I think the teak would contrast beautifully against the black dining table and white walls, it’ll also provide more space for our many collections.


The bidding is at $20.00 right now, but the reserve isn’t met.



Here’s a lovely teak coat rack that I’d love to hang my jacket on. The post says it’s by Finn Juhl, but I don’t really believe it; it would be going for much more than $266.00 CAD.
Regardless, I’m into it!


I love the rope!



We really love Hudson’s Bay Blankets, especially if they are vintage. We found an original multi-coloured 4 point blanket while we were in Stockholm for a ridiculously low price, but we really love the red & black versions. Too bad for us, a lot of other people do as well, this is already up to $120.00 CAD with 16 bids…


If there are any readers that aren’t from Canada and you come across one of these blankets during your thrifting, you should definitely buy it! It’s got a really simple modern design for something that’s 230 years old, and it’ll keep you super warm in the winter.


Well, that’s enough dreaming for one day.

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