Cottage dining set reveal!

July 23rd, 2009


Well we’ve decided to give up the goods. The cottage is still such a mess, but we wanted to have a little area that looked a bit finished. We are really excited to wrap this reno up so it’s images like this that get us through the long tedious process.

The two chairs on the end are dark blue and are by designer Jorgen Baekmark for FDB Møbler, while the 6 black chairs are also for FDB Møbler by Folke Palsson.


The table is the “Two Tops Table” by Marcel Wanders for Moooi in a matt black finish. It was one of those crazy deals that happens once in a lifetime. Apparently a movie company decided to rent this table for a film and during transportation they dropped it or damaged it and the leg broke off. The movie company was responsible for the table and had to come up with some quick cash to pay for it. They asked if the Queen West Antique Center could sell it for them at a crazy low price to help out with the bill. We were just at the right place at the right time and got the table at a steal for $700. You would have to add another 0 on the end of that number to buy it new.

The disappointing thing about the table is the quality… The top is made from MDF and it just doesn’t feel like a high quality table, it feels more like a $700 table. That said, we do love the size. We were picturing a large harvest table to sit all our friends and family, and at 8 1/2 feet we could easily fit 10 people around this thing. Even better than that are the tapered legs, which are very shaker influenced and work so well with the Møbler chairs.  I couldn’t imagine a better looking table for the cottage.

Is it wrong that our cottage is starting to look better than our home?


Cottage teaser # 1 is finished, but we still have a lot more to reveal!