Sometimes we wish we were yachting ~

January 21st, 2009

We were flipping through a copy of the book A Century of Interior Design: 1900-2000. The design, the designers, the products, and the profession by Stanley Abercrombie when we spotted a black & white photograph of a yacht eerily similar to one we recently purchased from UpsideDive.


Model room exhibit, Midtown Gallery, New York by Raymond Loewy Associates. [yacht picture is in the top right corner]


This is a close up for all of you with failing eyesight.


And this is our yacht picture. The office is a work in progress (emphasis on work). We just bought the teak/orange storage unit from Rogue Gallery – it was purchased with a different intent but is snuggling up quickly to the space it ended up in so I have a feeling it’s staying put. The plant pot is vintage Arabia Finland (Twice Found – Mirvish Village) and the pottery is from various places (Bungalow, UpsideDive and Twice Found to be exact). We are debating on whether to paint over the dark blue with white or leave it. We’re also keen on selling our teak desk to swap it for a table so both of us can use the office at the same time. I refuse to post more photos of the office because I can’t even see the floor – must clean now.

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