Cottage Reno: Update

July 17th, 2009

Finally finally finally we get to see the fruits of our labour.


We painted the living room/dining room floors on Monday. As there was no prep besides sweeping up, it went pretty quickly, with one coat of primer and a coat of glossy floor paint. And the result is quite stunning, and so very different than it ever was.


We still need to do the baseboards and trim to cover up that red tuck tape. The paint colour we chose was Benjamin Moore Cloud White, if only because there are infinite shades of white and its a designer stand by. It’s not as white as we thought it was but it works in the space. A slight antique look, but overall it looks very white.


That’s where the dining room is going to go. After these photos, we set it up, table and chairs, and it looks amazing. But we can’t share yet, as much as that pains us.


Sadly we came to a painting standstill as Steve, our man on the job, is busy making a whole new mess in the back half of the cottage. He’s working on the bathroom right now (so. excited.) and then he said he’d do all the finishing. So in the meantime we challenged our relationship with a little bit of IKEA cabinet construction.

We had a little pep talk before hand, to ensure that whatever happened between start and finish wouldn’t mean our demise as a couple, and successfully put together a drawer base cabinet with no bickering. Imagine that!


We would have accomplished more had our sink base cabinet not had a gash in it (pictured but it looks small and insignificant, though it wasn’t). We also couldn’t figure out what those doors were for as they were smaller than any cabinet we had. We figured it out later, after we returned them, that we did in fact need them.


It still needs the fronts, but we didn’t have them yet. It feels good to have started. Only 3 more to go, and I imagine that they will be much simpler than this one (though this one was fairly simple).

We may get some summer after all!

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