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July 11th, 2009

First order of business, I want to remind everyone that we have a giveaway on until Wednesday, to win an Oiva Toikka Little Tern Bird! Only like 0.01% of our lovely readers have signed up for this contest! Of course, for them that means the odds are on their side so they totally want me to shut up right now but seriously folks, it’s a beautiful little prize. And it’s soooo easy to enter! This contest is open to anyone that lives in North America. Friends, family can enter as well as we will be drawing at random the winning prize, so if you aren’t feeling like writing a creative comment, no worries!



Next order of business: If you aren’t an Indy car race fan (so noisy, even from inside my house) and you aren’t afraid of a little garbage strike (well, I am starting to be a little afraid after I saw a handmade sign posted on a garbage can at Bloor and Spadina that read: “Caution! Rats!”), then you should head down to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

I really wanted to cover it for you yesterday but we just couldn’t get it together. Too much to do, absolutely no time. This art exhibition is a great place to go to acquire local and often reasonably affordable art.

Some things you must see (sadly I have no photos because the TOAE website has decided to put watermarks on all the images, which tells me it’s a no no to grab them. I of course think this is silly but I’ve gotten in trouble in the past so you’ll just have to take my word for it or follow the links!):

Katrina Tompkins Solid Companion Hybrid Series (Furniture grad from Sheridan — we featured her way back at IDS)  in Blue South booth 229.


(photo Alex Kisilevich)

Alex Kisilevich – Photographer and recent OCAD grad – touted as a star in the making – in Blue North booth 841.

Darren Rigo – Photographer and OCAD student.  I saw him develop his process over the few years I had classes with him—his talent grows with every series—in Blue South booth 220.

Julie Moon is always a prominent and interesting ceramic artist in Yellow 694.

Ok, I wish I could sample more but without photos it’s kind of pointless. So, if you have a chance to go, check out the four people above. Or tell us who your favourites were. I will try to get down there for a bit tomorrow and do a mini recap, but I can’t make any promises.

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