Thrifting Find: Nya Clara Can Opener

July 7th, 2009


We forgot to share this find with you back when we were Kitka Design Stockholm. John (who is supposed to be writing this post but had to work) made sure to keep his eye open for these iconic can openers when we visited the Stockholm Stadsmission thrift stores. He managed to find a few, but each was either missing a component or broken. This red one was missing the little plastic piece that makes it possible to wall mount it so hush hush, John pulled a switcheroo and nabbed one off a non-working white one. 40 kr ($6 cdn).


Designed by Sigvard Bernadotte, the son of King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden, he was one of the pioneers of industrial design in Scandinavia. He’s also known for the Margrethe stacking bowls for Rosti, among other things.

Weird, we’ve been on a real red and white kick lately. Although we don’t eat much canned food (especially during the summer), it’ll look great at the cottage!

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