Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

June 14th, 2009


Ok seriously, it has rained now for three days straight in Stockholm. John’s shoes are soaked right through (thankfully I picked up a pair of Ilse Jacobsen rain boots–the short ones–in Copenhagen) and the heavy clouds are seriously bumming us out. We haven’t been taking many photos or doing much at all really.


A couple of days ago, we stumbled across a really nice ceramics shop called Blås & Knåda. It’s located along Hornsgatan in Södermalm and has lots of locally produced ceramics (there are numerous artisan shops along Hornsgatan).


Also along Hornsgatan (and in other locations) is the Stockholm Stadsmission, kind of their version of Goodwill.


These types of shops throughout Scandinavia are blowing our minds, not because they necessarily have tons of amazing stuff but because of how they are run. They seem to hire young hip people to run the shops, curating objects and making pretty amazing displays. There was one shop in Oslo that had the most thought out window displays. They also usually have a section where there are redesigned clothes (take the old and remake it).


Too bad the rugs are always BROWN. UGH!!!!!!! Everything vintage is always brown!


There’s a cool white pendant light hiding out in this photo somewhere.

Time for a break! I highly recommend visiting a Konditori if you are ever in Stockholm. They are basically an old timey styled lunch and tea time place, with premade sandwiches, tea, coffee and pastries. I was on the hunt for my favourite pastry in Stockholm, the Napoleon.


YUM! This was my second attempt at getting a Napoleon. The day before we went to the same Konditori (one of the only ones I know–Chic Konditori) and they didn’t have any. Let’s just say I pouted for a considerable amount of time. Thankfully on Saturday they had them.

Off to Sofo (South of Fokunsgatan) where all the vintage clothing shops are.


Ok kids, have you been wondering where all the great vintage clothing has gone in Toronto? Because I have for quite some time.  Turns out it’s going to Sweden! SWEDEN! What a travesty. Like these people aren’t already dressed well enough. They have to go and take all our cool fitted leather jackets and HBC Point Blankets. Whhhhaaat?


And guess what? We bought one (yes, they have multiple). We were wanting one or two for one of the bedrooms at the cottage and new they are so expensive. We picked up a single bed sized one for about $80. We got to talking with one of the salesgirls and she said they get all of their vintage from Canada – their office is in Ottawa and they have pickers in Toronto and Montreal, which would explain this:


A Montreal Police shirt!

And this place is huge. Sigh….I don’t even have the time to give it a good look.

We grabbed dinner at a favourite restaurant of mine, Krogen Soldaten Svejk. It’s a czech restaurant and super popular with local Stockholmers (not so touristy, though they do have an english menu).


Mmmm…fried cheese and ham, with tartar sauce and fried potatoes. Ok not so healthy.


John had some sort of chicken and rice combo. We started with the goulash which we highly recommend. Forgot to take a photo of it but it was amazing!

Anyway, as you can see we’ve been kind of bumming around. The rain is making it super hard to really do anything.

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