Thrifting in Norway

June 11th, 2009

Olso was a bit of a headache at times (like when Juli face planted into a bike lane, spraining her ankle and shredding her knee), but it was by far the best for thrifting. We got some great finds for under $25 bucks.


The scolding grandmother we found for 5 bucks. We’re still trying to find out where it was made, we saw a few of these in Denmark already.


This candle stick was similar to the one in Copenhagen, it has a blue stamp on the bottom and was only $4. It reminds me a little of the Raw Candelabra by Jens Fager. It also could be from a 90s department store, we don’t really care.


This was a really cool plate that features some of Oslo’s iconic areas, it was modestly priced at $12.


chooo chooo!


We found this great canvas organizer for a mere $2, it’s made in Denmark and will definitely come in handy at the cottage.


I love the leather straps…

All of the above items were from a store that is equivalent to Goodwill.


I got my leather on with this vintage bomber jacket, everyone here wears leather jackets! There are even some cool vintage shops that take old leather jackets and repair them, add hoods, and cool purple linings. This jacket was  $100, but it’s hard to find fitted jackets, plus it’s versatile! The fur is easily removed. Also, can I remind you of the cool factor? There’s nothing cooler coming back to Canada with some vintage Norwegian leather.


We took a visit to PurNorsk. If you go to Oslo it is a must visit. Everything here is by a Norwegian designer, right down to their typeface. You can find anything from the Scandia chair to illuminated plastic moose heads (for the outdoors no less).


Utopia is one of Oslo’s best vintage furniture stores, it was highly reccomended so we just had to check it out. There were actually a few great shops along the way that had some wonderful Cathrineholm pieces, that I really should have photographed. Next time!

If you’re in the area the street is called Markveien, in the hip indie Grünerløkka neighborhood.


Lot’s of good stuff here that you won’t find in Canada.


That coffee table was amazing in person, and matched with that leather chair… My god. Those molded birch chairs were also very beautiful, they reminded me of Robin day, but they’re from Denmark.


Eye spy a Quistgaard Pepper mill! It’s so interesting how rare his stuff is in Scandinavia. Dansk products were mostly only shipped to North America, so it felt like these countries were buying their designs back, but at a premium.


I would’ve bought all three of them if I could afford it.


Yay Copco, and Dansk!

All in all Oslo was a great city to visit, small enough to see a lot, but never boring. Unfortunately since we only booked 3 days, we have a few regrets:

Not going to the Fuglen Cafe. We saw it in a copy of Monocle that we picked up at the Toronto airport and completely spaced out. We remembered while we were shopping in Grünerløkka and by the time we remembered and rushed back to our hotel to find out where it was (yes, we checked the newsstand, the new issue was already out), it was closed.

As such, we missed out on the Design & Architecture Museum. We were going to go after Grünerløkka because it closed at 8pm but once back at the apartment, we ran out of time.

Not taking a walk along the river just off of Grünerløkka. Apparently it’s a beautiful walk.

Not eating a traditional Norwegian meal. Even a mediocre meal here would cost $200-300 CAD for the two of us, that’s why we got the apartment.

We’ll see you in Stockholm!

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  1. John, what instrument do you play? The leather jacket?


    11 Jun 09 at 12:30 pm

  2. so much eye candy! I’m loving all your entries, including the food shots and the amazing architecture. thanks for taking us along with you.


    11 Jun 09 at 1:55 pm

  3. The oversized floor vases look great together.


    11 Jun 09 at 8:35 pm

  4. Damn. Awesome!

    Thanks for the BDAY shout out – it was rad! Not as rad as a Euro vacation though.

    I think I have that same gray leather jacket….

    the brick house

    12 Jun 09 at 5:26 pm

  5. Oh dear, this is very interesting… I hadn’t been to Utopia Retro Modern for years, but I was there on Friday. What a coincidence. I LOVED that coffeetable too. Never seen anything quite like it. And the big vases…


    15 Jun 09 at 3:27 am

  6. So much fun to read your take on Scandinavia! You really seem to make the right decisions on what to see. Hope you’ve had a good time!


    15 Jun 09 at 5:21 pm

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