Random Copenhagen

June 9th, 2009

On our last days in Copenhagen we had two days where nothing was open, because on Friday it was a holiday and on Sunday, well, in Europe, Sunday is Sunday.


We did manage another visit to Illums Bolighus – above is a pic of the inside – four stories of design filled goodness.

More food pics for Val:


One night we had Danish food – John had some hamburger-like steak with a fried egg on top and I had the plaice.


Many fancier restaurants in Denmark have these brunch plates, which I like to call “greatest hits breakfasts”. At $30CDN, it’s crazy pricey, but a regular breakfast is $20 so worth it at least once. A soft boiled egg, bacon, sausage, hash brown, smoked salmon, quinoa/cabbage with shrimp, cheese, fruit, yogurt with berries and maple syrup and a brownie. Perfect.

Architectural wanderings:


At one point we attempted to take the subway but couldn’t because we didn’t have any change and there was no ticket person. Copenhagen’s metro system opened only 7 years ago so it’s pretty mod.


Skuespil huset – a concert theatre on the water. There are quite a number of amazing modern culture houses along the waterfront. We kind of stumbled across this one…



Inside Skuespil huset. They had these crazy hangling lights everywhere.


On our last day, we ventured over to Christiania, a hippy commune. Twice now I have gone over to a place called Christianshavn thinking I was in the right place, only to be confused as the area that is Christianshavn is pretty normal. I finally looked on a map and realized the Freetown hippie commune is actually called Christiania and it’s located in a corner of Christianshavn. You can’t take photos in the main area where there are a few cafes and a marketplace because of some activity that is legal but illegal.

According to Wikipedia, it’s a “self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents, covering 34 hectares (85 acres).”


Signage at an entrance at the back end.


Basically in the 1960s, a bunch of hippies took over an area of abandoned army barracks. There is an organic cafe, and even a building centre (since a lot of the structures seem to be pretty diy).


But once you get past that there is an idyllic path around water that has modern cottages, ramshackle homes, plywood structures, teepees…





Grass roof!

After Christiania, we headed on over to the Crown of Scandinavia, to embark on the next part of our journey…Norway. The best way to get from Copenhagen to Oslo is by DFDS cruise ships. It’s an overnight journey, with dining, entertainment, bars etc and it only costs about $70 per person – one nights accomodation and travel!


I had to snap this shot because Scandinavians sure do love hot dogs, so much so there is even a stand on the ship!

See you in Oslo!

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