Thrifting Find! PH lights.

June 7th, 2009


PH 5 lights for about $200 each!

The thrifting here isn’t exactly what we had in mind. We had envisioned store after store of mid-century modern for next to nothing (and sugar plum fairies dancing in the streets). Not so much. Actually, we only came across a couple of kind of sort of affordable mid-century modern shops, otherwise, they are selling it at a premium, or not at all. Oh and it’s not like they have tons of different things on offer here either. Actually, I feel like Rogue Gallery in Toronto has a more diverse and extensive collection of Scandinavian artifacts than they do here!

The one thing they have plenty of is Poul Henningsen lighting. Maybe it’s because it’s in virtually everyone’s home, but you can find the PH lights in many shops.


We picked up these two PH 4 lights for $90 a piece! These things go for $500 minimum on ebay. We came to Copenhagen with the hopes of buying them at a lesser price and we are definitely happy with what we found. Now we just have to get them home without damaging them!

(I’ll have to update later with a store name and location).

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