Vintage Find!: Three legged stools

May 20th, 2009


Well we finally got a chance to take a peek at Rogue Gallery’s infamous storage locker (check out StyleNorth’s post here)! The first thing that caught our eye was a set of 5 teak stools.

The whole set was only $5o, that’s only 10 bucks a pop. A similar IKEA version of this sells for $16.99


Stamped made in Denmark, the maker is still a mystery. According to my Scandinavian Design Book, Soren Hansen designed a stool that is strikingly similar.


Here’s the before picture, they were in pretty rough shape, really dry and worn with some staining.


It was a beautiful day outside so I poured a bit of teak oil into a handful of steel wool and starting working at the teak following the grain. The results are pretty amazing, now if we could only do the same with our deck…


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