Around the house: Entryway

January 19th, 2009


The entrance way

To start, our front entrance way is a work in progress. The wish list includes:

~ a new window covering – our current “look” is a half sewn piece of fabric that hangs half-heartedly off of a cheap spray painted rod. It has also been shredded by Grover, who nightly warns us of an intruder, of the feline persuasion, on our porch. Incidentally, this cat is black & white just like Grover, so for the longest time we thought Grover was having an identity crisis, freaking out over his own reflection. Another note of interest to this story is that I had to get four rabies shots due to my concern for said kitty. Moral of the story is don’t pet random cats. But I digress. We were so close to using frosting but crazily enough they don’t make door size sheets of it. So if you have any ideas on covering a door sized window, send them our way.

~ door mat and a runner of some sort would be nice to anchor the space as the entrance basically opens immediately onto our living room.

~ maybe maybe a new light fixture, though the one we have now–a traditional hurricane lamp–suits the space just fine. Also, John just noted, it seems to cast a bizarre human skeleton/x-ray shadow when it’s on.

Our space is open concept so you see everything all at once, which can be great but can also be limiting. We have two fabulous large-scale photographic works by local artist Joshua Jensen-Nagle (more on him in a later post) immediately opposite an expanse of wall in the entrance (see photo above), which limited what we could put up on the wall as we didn’t want it to compete.


Recently, we purchased a picture rail from Stylegarage (see Neil & Michelle’s house tour, January 13, 2009 for another idea on how to use picture rails) because of it’s simplicity, clean edges and utility. Of its many features–preventing people from using the wall when they put on their shoes so that I don’t have hand prints all over–I think the best thing about the picture rail is that we can continually customize it. We can change artwork up without worrying about filling holes and we can place objects, notes or keys on its substantial ledge.


Currently, we have those Harri Koskinen inspired and adapted tea light holders (original post January 12, 2009) and a couple of polaroids of us, playing host at our New Year’s Eve gathering.


We also have a selection of three pieces of artwork. The horse print (one of two that we got) and the floral print were perfect scores from Value Village while I snagged the print on the right after my teacher, Elizabeth D’agostino, had a silkscreening demonstration and let us take the proofs (Value Village frame).

– Juli

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