Cottage teaser

May 19th, 2009


Here’s a sneak peak of some of the objects we’ve been collecting for the cottage in our predicable colour scheme of white, blue, red, and black.
I could say that we had a really amazing thrifting adventure
over the long weekend, but…

Finel Heart nesting bowls from Ebay.
Blue Rosti jug from Ebay.
Blue Rosti and Dansk utensils from Rogue Gallery.
Blue Dansk Fondue Set from Ebay.
Black Arabia tea pot from random thrift shop.
Quistgaard cutting board from Ebay.
Red Turkish coffee pot from Value Village.
Porcelain toothbrush holder from Value Village.

It’s taken a couple of months to find all these objects, some of which we’ve been wanting for a long time (especially that Dansk Fondue Pot).

We don’t want to give up the goods just like that, so here are some teasers of the more substantial items we recently got delivered to the cottage over the weekend.

I may have accidentally told a few people what this was out of sheer excitement (you know who you are) please don’t spoil my fun by telling everyone!


I think Juli and I both are especially excited about this find, it’s going to look amazing!


Oh man, you guys are gonna hate us after you see this…

Hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday!


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