Cottage Reno: Ew…

May 19th, 2009

So last Friday we were up north to receive some deliveries, sell some furniture (4 dressers!) and meet with a willing and able contractor to discuss removal of the ceiling tiles/insulation and put up some drywall. Of course the day resulted in waiting around so we started picking at new points of interest. Namely, the 1970s ceiling tiles in the kitchen and two of the bedrooms. We had already discussed replacing them with wood slats so John started to remove them. Much to our horror, the insulation and the ceiling tiles made for a comfy abode for decades of mouse families. Since John was moved over to drywall destruction duties, I had to don the gloves and mask and wade into the disgusting shreik-a-thon that was stage one of removal. This involved one shower of mouse droppings whilst I tentatively removed the tiles, then a wonderful round two of droppings while I gingerly removed the yards of insulation, all with the fear of a dead mouse landing on my head. At first the job revolted me but it subsided into determination mingled with screaming that was met with a “you’re such a girl” from John.


I totally left out all the gross factors from these photos, making me look like a complete wuss. But it was super bad.


This was evidently their kitchen/dining room. And yes, they do poop where they eat, albeit not as much.

And now for some more horrifying photos of the bathroom before!



Blue shell shaped sink!


DIY disaster (sorry dad).


The conversation starter that is the toilet seat (disregard the pink in the bowl – it’s anti-freeze).


Ugh! Wallpaper on the ceiling too! And it’s not coming down easily.

There are no after photos because we need to get the plumber in.


Ok all of those photos made my stomach churn. So I’ll leave you with a pic of John carrying the bathroom mirror out to the garbage dump that is our carport.


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