Cottage Wish list: Norwegian Cottage

May 11th, 2009

I am pretty obsessed with the Norwegian Cottage aesthetic. Dark wooden exteriors, traditional sod roofs, and warm pine paneling in their interiors. When making decisions for the design of our cottage, I looked to Norwegian cottages for inspiration. A lot of the decisions we’ve made on the general aesthetic of the cottage is heavily influenced by the research (obsession) of Norwegian architect Wenche Selmer (check out the book Norwegian Wood)


from Jurek D.’s Flickr



2nd & 3rd photos of cabin by architect: Wenche Selmer

These cabins look completely natural in their setting, inspired by their surroundings becoming a part of the terrain, not interrupting it.



Norwegian Interiors above: unfinished pine paneling, oak furniture, & oh yea, Poul Henningsen light fixtures!

I really would love to add a green roof to the Cottage. The exterior needs a complete re-do: Get rid of that awful vinyl siding, refinish the wood, and add a green roof.

Easy Peasy?

– John

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