Affordable Art: Value Village

May 12th, 2009

So far I’ve talked about two affordable art options: The Framework Timeraiser, where you bid on art with volunteer time, and sculptural art–from repurposed objects to travel finds.

Of course, one of the simplest ways to buy art on a dime is from Value Village.


This was my first ever piece of wall art from Value Village, purchase at the exact same time as when I looked like this:


Please, no laughing at the photo. It was the late 90s. Very weird that the artwork looked exactly like me. Even though the short red hair is now back to long and blonde, and I am no longer wearing cheap red leopard print shirts (which was from TopShop, I’ll have you know – and which I have seen recently making a comeback at H & M), this remains one of my favourites.


Everything on this gallery wall is from Value Village, except the picture of the house, which was done either by my grandma or my great uncle.


I love love love these horse prints – Dancer’s Image and Forward Pass.


If you’re not into people, there’s always florals, and lot’s of em.


You can also find some amazing art for kid’s rooms.

Just remember, if you see something you like, you have to snatch it up, because recently we spaced out on an amazing portrait and it was of course long gone by the time we realized.

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