April: Where did it go?

May 3rd, 2009

Wow, we can’t believe it’s May (three days late with the roundup!).

Lately, we’ve noticed how every time we buy a bunch of stuff from Value Village, our collective purchase of random things always seems to follow a colour theme. I am finding the same thing goes for Kitka too. This month is apparently very neutral (ok, I rejigged the Atomic photo to accommodate, because really, that store is a riot of colour). But just because it was neutral, doesn’t mean it was bland. I love doing recaps because they serve as a reminder of all the great things we saw, bought and discovered.

We had two great store watches and one space this month – thank you to Lawrence, Katherine and Andrew. We started a Canadian Design History series, and dropped the Flickr Weekender – quite frankly, writing a blog is like a full time job and much like everyone, we need the weekend off! We discovered the creator of our toy vikings thanks to one of our readers, but we still have an outstanding question about a beautiful modern bull here. And in the forefront of at least our minds, the cottage reno is fully underway, with the purchase of an under-counter fridge and flooring, and an IKEA kitchen that is constantly being re-imagined. Monday we have an electrician, plumber and painter stopping by to discuss our plans, and a bunch of people will hopefully be buying some of our old-timey cottagey furniture! Very exciting!

Finally, we are so pleased that the Kitka dialog is increasing! Thanks to all who keep checking in, commenting…and to our new visitors, welcome!


Store Watch: Atomic Design


Space: Katherine Chiles


Update: Toy wooden vikings


Kitka’s Canadian Design
History 101: K700 Stool


We’re Watching: Furni


We want: Dala Horses


Store Watch: Neat


Cottage Reno:
IKEA kitchen how-to


Around the House:


Before & After: The Front Door


Before & After:
Vintage Kitchen Utensils


Ebay Find!
Michael Lax Sugar Bowl


The Green Living Show


Cottage Reno: Flooring


New light fixture!


Before & After: Upstairs Nook

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