DIY: Bulletin Board (of sorts)

April 30th, 2009


Our cat Isha likes to jump up on the desk and circle the computer, all the while brushing papers off with her tail and getting post-it notes stuck to her paws. Last night John tried to work next to me and he suffered a similar fate. Thus, today I decided to clean up my act and finally put up a bulletin board and implement yet another folder system in my already multi-tiered filing system.

I picked up some folders from Midoco on Bloor St. – they say stuff like Bills, Documents and Stuff. I then put some eye screws in the wall and stretched a piece of wire across to make a sort of “clothes line” effect (I used the lowest gage they had but it was tough going so I recommend using something more pliable like picture wire). I am not going to take any credit whatsoever for this idea, as I have seen it here and there and all over the place. But since I can’t seem to find a big sheet of unframed cork, this seemed like a nice simple solution.

Oh and that little orange thing in the bottom corner is a cool light that folds up into a pill shape.

– Juli –

Photo by Juli Daoust

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