Before & After: Upstairs Nook

April 29th, 2009

We have a long neglected (what a surprise) nook in our upstairs hallway that we’ve never really been sure what to do with.


The one major problem with it is the granite surface – we find granite super busy and not terribly good for displaying favourite objects. Up until now, the space has been used as a storage shelf, much like the rest of our hallway (which currently houses an unused sofa, some photo paper I have to sell, a bulletin board center and a lamp).

John had the great idea of getting a wooden shelf made to fit over the granite, an affordable and nondestructive solution to the granite problem.


Oh my goodness what a difference! We bought the cool modern painting from Rogue Gallery, the Arabia Finland plant pot from Twice Found and the African sculpture from my parent’s trip in the 70s.


The shelf is made with solid walnut. We asked to leave the sap lines in to create more contrast between the naturally dark wood and the highlights the sap creates. It was finished with tung oil, which leaves a beautiful natural finish that is very smooth to the touch.

– Juli –

Photos by Juli Daoust

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