Ebay Find! Michael Lax Sugar Bowl

April 24th, 2009



What a find! Michael Lax is one of my favorite designers, he’s the Quistgaard of America. I’ll jump at any chance to own any of his Iroquois Primaries Ceramics, or his work for Raymor Capri. This specific piece was designed in 1968,  just in time to bring some space age inspired design to the American market. What is unique about Lax’s design was that he chose the classic medium of ceramics instead of the newly popular use of plastics.

The Iroquois Primaries line was inspired by the tension between white and black, so this guy would have originally been available with a tall black creamer. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled, since they’re so hard to come by!

– John –

Photos by: Juli Daoust

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