Guess the size of this bowl: Answer!

April 14th, 2009


While the responses to the size in the bowl varied a little bit, they were still around the 1 foot circumference (Laura’s guess doesn’t count because she was watching the exact same bowl on Ebay haha). It seems I’ve been had. This bowl that I had built up in my mind came in the other week a quarter of the expected size. As I was dreaming of unsigned sculpted teak bowls by the likes of Finn Juhl, I forgot to read the full description containing the measurements. Regardless, the bowl is lovely and has found a home on our coffee table, but let this be a lesson to us all.

Measure twice & bid once!

Back in March Chris from Toronto-based blog StyleNorth guest posted a fantastic piece about how to Score at auction. Well today we got the chance to return the favor when I guest blogged about my experiences with Ebay! Check it out through the link below:

Confessions of an eBay-holic

– John –

Photo: Juli Daoust

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