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March 20th, 2009


Who are you? Juliana Neufeld, illustrator/designer/photographer.

What is the Inspiration for your home?
Traveling. I’ve collected lots of old maps and globes as well as textiles from when I travel, and they make a big appearance all over the apartment.


Most Cherished item/ Favorite Piece?
the antique dresser in my bedroom as well as the old globe resting on top of it. The globe was a special gift from a good friend and the dresser was a good find in Roncesvalles.


Best Deal?
The turquoise leather chair in the living room was $7.99 at a value village in Mississauga!!! But the best deals are the stuff I find for free on the side of the street. You have to be selective. Its tempting to take everything home and to “revamp” it, but I’ve learned that keeping it simple and uncluttered puts a greater emphasis on the treasures you DO take home.


Biggest Splurge?

No one item in my place is over $500.00! However, I do tend to spend money on pillows and accents for the place on a pretty regular basis. That adds up!


Most Gratifying DIY?
The mural running along the wall of the kitchen and the mural in my bedroom. The mural in the kitchen says “RUN AMOK”. The lettering is an homage to the late Margaret Kilgallen, a wonderful artist out of San Fransisco, famous for her creative signage and characters. The mural of beech trees in the bedroom was inspired by beech tree silhouette I saw on a design blog a while back. In every house I’ve lived in, I’ve painted silhouettes of trees in my bedroom, to give a comforting, naturey vibe to my sleeping area.


What would you do differently?
I would prefer a different space. A bigger “canvas” to work with. Higher ceilings, hardwood floors, more light. The usual wants. haha.. but If I was to change something in the space I have now, different flooring, for sure.


Plans for future?
I’m hoping to take all my stuff with me to a bigger place with more light! And then I’m imagining a giant mural in the living room!


Thanks for sharing Juliana!

Photos: Juliana Neufeld

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