Norwegian Wood: Ella’s Kitchen Company

March 17th, 2009


It is never a good sign when your plastic kitchen tongs start melting while in the middle of cooking dinner. So in an effort to stop using plastic while cooking hot meals we decided to invest in all wooden kitchen utensils.


These are the ones we decided on, we loved the simple aesthetic, painted white handles and the light beech wood. the set was on sale for £8, so we purchased 2!


We found our kitchen utensils by our usual fashion (prowling the internet) and the ones we purchased were from: Ella’s Kitchen Company which carry many beautiful Norwegian inspired kitchen accessories.


Ella’s Kitchen Company was started by Katherina Saunders–drawing from her Norwegian heritage she started producing kitchen accessories inspired by her Grandmother’s kitchen.


The Large food Storage Cabinet comes with 12 aluminum scoops for dry food and 9 glass bottles for spices “Filled with oats, flour, sugar, pulses and dried fruit, this hand painted storage unit will leave space in your cupboard for the important stuff such as plates and glasses!”


Traditional Scrubbing Brushes, made in the last Traditional Brush Factory in the UK and painted in Norwegian colours.

Made from solid Beech wood, this neat clothes dryer can hold an average load from the washing machine, and includes seven rails, and six wooden pegs to hold tea towels and additional laundry.

Check out their website for more

1st & 2nd photos: Juli Daoust
3rd photo: House and Garden Magazine – February issue in  ‘Stone’ – from
Ella’s Kitchen Company website
The rest of the photos from Ella’s Kitchen Company website

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