Teak Week: Teak Seek, your submissions!

March 4th, 2009

You may remember Evan Lackey from the IDS: DESIGNGENNEXT post. He just sent us some photos of some teak furniture recently purchased by his parents (for their own home).


I love this gorgeous sofa (and the dog is pretty cute too!). The lines are so soft and simple, while the new upholstery makes it fresh and current.
Evan: The couch is insane, 84 inches long… very thin frame, but really sturdy.  We got the couch and chair for $200 and had white leather cushions made, since the original foam and upholstery had disintegrated.


Here’s the accompanying chair. It’s so nice to be able to get a set!


The side unit we bought for about 180$… it’s nice, there is a shot of the manufacturers label too.


Always look out for manufacturers labels – they can help determine the value of a piece. Generally if a piece has a label or marking of some sort, it will be worth more.

Thanks for sharing Evan!

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