Teak Week: Jens H Quistgaard

March 4th, 2009


You may remember the Dansk Fjord set of cutlery in our february article from Kitka’s top 10 favorite flatware, but you may not know the significance of it’s design. During a tour of Scandinavia, Ted Nierenberg an American Entrepreneur stumbled across a hand forged knife and fork design by Jens Quistgaard at the Copenhagen Museum. The beautiful marriage of steel and teak was completely new and fresh and intrigued Nierenberg enough to seek out Quistgaard where they began discussing the potential of a mass produced line of cutlery. In 1954 the Fjord Flatware line was created, and Dansk was born.


One of our favorite designers, our house is littered with Quistgaard designs, here’s our own collection of Jens Quistgaard’s teak products.

for more information about Jens Quistgaard check out our review of the book: Danish Pepper


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