Space: Neil & Michelle

January 13th, 2009

Neil's House

Who are you?

Neil James (co-owner Style Garage) & Michelle Graham (Visual Merchandiser/designer)

Inspiration for home?

Comfortable modern industrial: smart clean lines, comfortable touches without being cluttered or sparse.

Most Cherished item/ Favorite Piece?

Ummmm….custom dining table/douglas bench

Best Deal?

All of it…

Biggest Splurge?

The 6 marine stools.

Most Gratifying DIY?

Pantry with the sliding chalkboard door/library wall

What would you do differently?

Buy a bigger house that required more projects. This space was too complete when we bought it

Plans for future?

Modern pre-fab cottage



Being the co-owner of Style Garage, Toronto’s go to store for clean lined, contemporary furniture certainly has it’s perks.  But throw in Neil’s counterpart- Michelle a visual merchandiser, and you get a truly unique space tailored perfectly to their personalities. Featured above: an amazing grey custom made sectional, cowhide rug, delano chair in brown leather, custom stainless steel picture rails & white Drake coffee table. All available at Stylegarage.


A quirky vintage car sits atop a re purposed side table. Hung above: a stainless steel magazine rack shows off the great covers of the couple’s design magazines.


The television is hung on a Walnut plank feature wall capped off with a stainless steel edge, creating a unique media center. Two sculptural pawn stools provide extra seating while maintaining visual continuity with the console.


This custom dining table was made at counter height to add a casual element to the dining room. When entertaining, guests tend to hover over tables  but rarely seem to sit at them. Having the table at counter height allows guests to converse and mingle comfortably. Neil feels the simplest changes can be the most dramatic and original.

Dining room featuring, aluminum submarine stools, acrylic hanging lamp, stainless fruit trough, douglas fir bench.

All available at Stylegarage.


Rows of picture rails create a great space saving library in their stairway.


A sliding door conceals the couple’s pantry.


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  1. I think the real cool thing about this space, is the marriage between stainless steel and wood. The dining room is a prime example, with the stainless steel dining table matched with the Douglas Fir bench, and wood shelving above. You can see this rhythm executed throughout the space.

    Thanks for sharing!

    John & Juli

    13 Jan 09 at 12:36 pm

  2. Loving the library in the hallway. Fabulous- may just have to incorporate it into my new house…


    19 Jan 09 at 10:43 am

  3. Can you please tell me where you bought your sliding door?

    Thank you.

    Anthony Plamondon

    7 Apr 09 at 10:29 pm

  4. Hello Anthony,

    Thanks for your question, Neil & Michelle actually built the sliding door themselves from barn door hardware he purchased from A hardware store. & painted the door with chalkboard paint. If you’re looking for something more contemporary there is a company called Bartels

    that have some amazing looking modern sliding doors. (they advertise in Dwell)

    I hope that helps!

    Thanks for the question!

    John & Juli

    8 Apr 09 at 4:41 pm

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