Vintage Board Games

February 24th, 2009


It seems winter is far from over, and we’re looking around the house for things to pass the time.



TinTin! is Juli’s board game from when she was a kid in French Immersion. She tried to play once with her Grandma, but they gave up because their French wasn’t up to par. C’est la vie.



An old Magnetic play set from Czechoslovakia, magnetic wands move characters from under the cardboard stage. We’re missing the king, so we came up with an elaborate story where the Queen was having an affair with the Spear man which ultimately leads to the murder of the King, and the usurp of the crown… Hilarity ensues. (purchased from Value Village)


Remember high school? Prom, boyfriend stealing, skipping school to go to the beach. Wheee! Life was so carefree! (purchased from Value Village)



Sure everybody wants to be one of the twins, but Lila is just so tough looking, with her vintage dress and umm, party refreshments…you know what I’m talking about….


What I’ve really had the craving to play is a good game of chess, I’ve been playing online a bit but can’t seem to win one game! The height of my chess career was probably grade 5, and it’s pretty much been downhill from there. I have been interested in some of these great modernist chess sets from the 20s to the 60s. Below is a Danish set designed by: Svenhugo Karlsson




A fantastic reissue of the 1923 Josef Hartwig chess set for Naef, this Bauhaus designed chess set appeals to our modern sensibilities and is available at Fawn&Forest.

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