Product Review: Hästens

March 9th, 2009


It’s no fun at all buying things like pillows. That’s why the majority of people, present company included, use the same pillow for decade(s). I actually have a hierarchy of pillows in the house – the super old ones from the days of living under the rule of parents (how do we dispose of them!!! I can’t stand the idea of throwing them in the garbage. There must be some use for the fill), the Winner’s discount buy, the IKEA, the more expensive (but then discounted) Beddington’s buy. And you know what, each time I AM NOT HAPPY. It’s not like you can test them out and then return them. I often find myself in the store holding it up to my head, pushing it against my skull to simulate the feel of sleeping on it. That does not work and it makes me look and feel silly every time. But I feel compelled to use this as my measure of worthiness.

I feel like Goldilocks. I want one that is just right.

When we were at the Interior Design Show in February, the company that brought the world the $40,000 bed was there. The Swedish company–already we are partial–Hästens has been a family-owned and run company for over 150 years that prides itself on hand-made quality, versus the usual obsession with cost (personally, it is this obsession with the cheap that I believe brought us to the environmental and economic mess we are now it. We wouldn’t feel compelled to buy new things made in China all the time if the things we initially purchased were quality-made locally. I digress–don’t get me started). Of course, who really can afford a $40,000 bed. Or even a $20,000 one. As much as I want quality, I’d need to be a multi-millionaire to get the quality that, quite frankly, we all deserve.


John testing out one of the $20,000+ beds.

So, crazy-expensive beds aside, the thing we felt we could afford, was to buy two of their Anatomical Sleeping Pillows. They retail for about $350 but thanks to the IDS show special, we got them for considerably less (another discount! Ironic?). Now I can hear you all saying $350!!!! That’s unheard of! But if you think about it, it’s an investment in a (potentially) better nights sleep. I know I’ve spent that kind of money easily on an article of clothing that I never even wear, so when it comes to using something every single night, in the long run, it’s not so bad.

Our interest was peaked by the Anatomical Sleeping Pillow because it is actually a 3-in-1 pillow that is accommodating to everyone’s different needs. The main component is a cylindrical pillow. This is accompanied by two “pressure relieving cylinders” that you can insert or remove depending on which combination is more comfortable. For example, John uses the main cylinder only, and I use the main plus one pressure relieving cylinder (and sometime I switch it up and use both of them–apparently I am a bit finicky). This is such an ingenious feature, as I can attest that the last time I bought pillows, John didn’t like his and mine was on again off again, indicating our very particular sleeping preferences.

Anatomical Sleeping Pillow: includes 2 pressure relieving cylinders
+ pillow case.
Materials: 15% goose down (85% goose feathers), fabric 100% cotton.


Also, unlike most down pillows on the market, the pillow is completely washable (no need to use chemical dry cleaning), which will keep it from acquiring unsightly sweat stains and dust mites. You are encouraged to clean it often and tumble dry it to fluff it up periodically. Even the pillow case was well thought of, in that it has an opening on either end so that you can remove or add the small cylinder easily. Of course, it does nothing for our bedroom decor, considering it is done more in the style of French royalty than Swedish royalty. But that’s another story…

Top two photos: Juli Daoust
Bottom photo:

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