Ebay find! Breakfast with Rosti

February 22nd, 2009


John picked up some super cute Rosti melamine egg cups recently on Ebay. He got 6 of them for about $10. So for the first time ever, we strayed away from the usual fried egg and made some soft/hard boiled eggs (healthy!), accompanied by a baguette sliced up for toast soldiers and some Chabichou bacon (the best bacon ever).Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my coffee – we are on an off week and I have thus just replenished my Starbucks card. If anyone has any tips on coffee makers or brands or anything that will help me in this department, I desperately implore you to save me.


Also starring in this breakfast spread is a Rosti juice pitcher. John insists on colour coding everything so you guessed it, we use it for OJ (I am uncertain and a little bit afraid of what will go in the black version, as we got 5 of them for a steal off ebay). As you can probably surmise, we love how the yellow and off-white mimic the colour of eggs.

You can find vintage Rosti in many places like Atomic, Upsidedive, and Rogue Gallery (416-462-1800) and new at modern cookware shops or online (the mixing bowl is the most common product).

One thing is for sure, having special serving dishes makes brunch at home that much more fun.

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