Store Watch: Chabichou

February 16th, 2009


Ok, so we’re straying a bit from design here but we’ve been frequenting local Harbord Village shop Chabichou–named after a cheese from the Loire Valley in France)–a lot lately and we’re so happy it’s in our neighborhood, we just had to share it with you. We’ve been complaining about the lack of a healthy butcher shop in our neighborhood (Kensington is too far and Metro is just kind of gross) so the opening of Chabichou is like the second coming.


Specializing in fine cheeses hailing mostly from France and Quebec, every day they seem to be adding new decadent foods to their arsenal (one of three refrigerated displays – it seems like every time we go there they keep expanding!).






Pepperettes, sausages, smoked salmon, cold cuts such as ham & salami are just some of the meats they now offer. They also have organic dairy! Which means all they have to do is offer a small selection of vegetables and they can become a one stop shop to an easy dinner (we can dream).


Two shelving units provide ample space for gourmet pantry items and ubiquitous toile linens.


Being the owners of French restaurant Tati down the street means that they are able to produce baked goods and pre-made meals like coq au vin, maccaroni & cheese (incredible), lasagne and shepherd’s pie, which hit the spot for only about $4.50-$6.00 each.


There is limited seating in the shop, but enough to stop and have a latte and baguette with ham and cheese, or a pre-made rich tasting croque monsieur (above – they heat it up and serve it in a cute little wooden tray).



We were expecting high prices but as we slowly explore the options, we’re finding them to be very reasonable. Of course, if you’re going to buy foie gras, escargots in butter or other specialities, the higher price is to be expected but for those everyday staples, there have been no shockers. Plus, it certainly is nice to have a selection of gourmet foods so close by in case of an impromptu dinner party (the best kind).


We’ve been into their bacon which was meaty and flavorful, sandwich ready salami (we like buying small quantities because it ALWAYS goes bad otherwise – so convenient), crispy fresh baguettes, croissants (perfection), lasagne (John says it’s great), creamy maccaroni & cheese (perfect portion).


Desserts seem to be a new and welcomed addition to the shop, and these tartes look particularly tasty.


This space used to be a totally vintage burger joint, then briefly a coffee shop and now Chabichou. We love how the integrity of the building’s past has been maintained.

196 Borden Street (at Harbord), Toronto

Hours: Tues-Sun 10-6
(days and hours can change over time. These are up to date as of July 2009. Always best to call for the most recent info.)

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