Small Spaces: Laundry solution!

February 15th, 2009


I stopped by friends Jennifer and Taylor’s place last night and was greeted by an amazing contraption rigged up in their kitchen. For the past few years they have been struggling with the Laundromat –not so fresh smelling laundry, hauling, waiting, looking for coins, going out into the cold–so I knew this was an amazing purchase for them, and one that I am sure many other small space apartment dwellers will be overjoyed to know exists, so I asked Jennifer to fill us in:

“Taylor and I were constantly struggling with piles of laundry building up. Every time we went to the laundry mat we vowed to be more on top of the laundry piles… but this never happened! We needed a solution to our laundry woes so we tried sending our laundry to a service, but that was too expensive. Two weeks ago we ordered this Haier HLP21E Portable washer from It has been a total life saver. It plugs right into your kitchen sink, is quite compact, doesn’t make too much noise and washes our clothes much better than the laundromat. We just hang everything to dry and this works very well. Haier also makes a dryer that doesn’t need ventilation and plugs into the wall, but we are going to just hang our clothes for now and use a clothes line in the summer.

I would highly recommend this amazing alternative to the laundromat–it pays for itself within 6 months [of laundromat coinage] and makes life a lot easier.”

Jennifer told me that the cost is about $250, which blew me away. I mean, that’s just a few meals out or a pair of J Brand Jeans. When you think of the time and effort you save, it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase.


[stock photo to show scale]

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