In Review: Miller’s Collectibles Price Guide

February 13th, 2009


Miller’s Collectibles Price Guide 2009, available at Book City for $29.99.

This guide is a great jumping off point for people that are looking to dive into the world of collecting. Offering 5000 full coloured items with descriptions and pricing in US dollars, it’s the first time Canada is getting it’s own recognition in the world of collectibles. Featuring over a dozen pages of Canadian ceramics from the likes of: Blue Mountain, Lorenzen, Sovereign and Beauce (pictured below), Toronto’s own Holly Gnaedinger from Twice Found was the “Expert Eye” of Canadian ceramics, allowing photographers to come and take pictures of her own collection.


Now this guide doesn’t only deal with high priced collectibles, it has things that you might have in your own house that you may not have deemed worthy to be in a collector’s guide. Have you ever wanted to know how much a Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger from 1997 costs? It’s 4 dollars… I think that’s still pretty steep.


This guide feautures too much to even write here, anything from watches to pot lids, or posters to chess pieces, there’s information on factories, makers, care, restorations, fakes and alterations, market assessments, and buying tips, it’s definitely worth a look. As with collecting anything, there are triumphs and regrets, maybe you should’ve splurged on that Harry Potter Deluxe set that’s now worth $13,000. Or maybe you should keep and treasure your Grandfather’s old Jaeger Lecoultre wristwatch. The bottom line is, collecting is fun and no matter if you make or lose a fortune, enjoying it is the best value.

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