Stopover in Copenhagen

February 28th, 2017


On our way to the Stockholm Furniture Fair a few weeks ago we stopped over for a few nights in Copenhagen. We stayed this time at the Scandic Palace Hotel, which was ideally situated in the centre and has free breakfast. Since this was a quick trip I wanted everything to be accessible and easy. Grey and cold, we arrived in the early afternoon so we took a walk.


Grabbed a coffee at Atelier September.


Popped into Frama, who happened to be open on the weekend because they were having a sale. You can see more photos of their studio here, as at the time it was overrun with their sale items. I liked this brass screen tucked away in the back.



The colours of the Scandinavian cityscape always bring joy on dull days.


First visit to the Danish Design Museum and they had a chair exhibition on.

cph_kitka-7 cph_kitka-8

They had the chairs grouped according to basic aesthetic similarities, which is always nice for comparison.


Nice to see some well worn Børge Mogensen on display.


The other featured exhibition happened to be titled Learning from Japan, exploring Japan’s influence on Danish design.


Happy to see Kaori Juzu‘s jewellery on display.





A lovely dinner at 108.


Christian from OneCollection and I totally had to have this dessert after spying it pass by our table.

cph_kitka-15 cph_kitka-16 cph_kitka-17



Post meeting lunch with the multitalented designers Tanja and Petra from All the Way to Paris at the beautifully considered Admiralgade 26. We were fairly obsessed with the ambience and design choices, but the French food served was also exactly what we wanted for lunch–fresh and simple.

cph_kitka-19 cph_kitka-24

Floor details: loving the increased use of terrazzo I’ve been seeing in Scandinavia. Also wood inlays and vintage rugs.


One thing I really like about the design of the restaurant is that it has different zones, for a variety of uses. From cozy intimate groupings to large round tables perfect for a gathering.


Furniture and a variety of lamps make the space home like.


Unique pottery, ceramics and glass create an interesting focal point throughout.



cph_kitka-28 cph_kitka-29

We joined our friends from Queen West Antique Centre, for a very over the top dinner at Kiin Kiin. They start you off in the lounge where they ply you with drink and appetizers, then give you a menu. At this point you are thinking you have to just choose an item off the menu but no, you will be consuming the entire menu. So many courses but amazingly I felt good at the end.

I had to stop and take a photo of this salad dish. Yes, that’s cotton candy. In the background you can see the server preparing the dressing.


The dressing melts the cotton candy and neutralizes the sweetness.

In many ways the drama during the meal could be perceived as a bit much, but in the end it was an enjoyable evening spent in good company, and the food was exceptional.

After dinner we popped over to a jazz club, which unfortunately was having a comedy night. Oh well, next time!

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