Howell’s Room

December 14th, 2016


We only have a few unresolved spaces in our home. Naturally one is the space that we won’t speak of (the laundry area aka deposit random everything here spot). The other two spaces are our kid’s rooms.

Maybe because they were in cribs, which were temporary, or maybe because we had hoped on bringing them together–Howell refuses this, classic littlest child, he wants to carve out his own path–we never really resolved their spaces. Then again, in a way, the beauty of Studio Junction’s woodwork and our desire for simplicity almost demand that we don’t interfere too much.

In the end, we seek a bit of coziness, and an element of playfulness, that is a real challenge to bring together.

In the meantime while we mull things over, we have gone plant crazy. We cannot get over how quickly and easily the plants have transformed their spaces. It’s beginning to look like a jungle.


Howell’s room still has a black and white theme, and he recently picked out this cute panda pillow by local maker (and friend) Newmies. I let the kids pick out a pillow pal to help cozy up their beds.


A temporary help in getting Howell more excited about his bed was letting him pick his duvet cover. This one is from Ikea, and has all the favourite toddler things on it.

I still desperately wish I could buy some bedding from Chamomile London but it’s too hard matching the sizing with North American standards,  I’m having long distance commitment problems.

Anyone find some fantastic North American bedding? It always seems too saccharine or too geometric or two trendy. You know when you have a feeling of what you want, but never ever see it anywhere (besides halfway across the world, naturally). That’s where I am.

I’d love to hear how you resolved your kid’s room conundrums!

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  1. This is always on my mind since we had kid number 3… Our house is strangely enough a three floor terraced house / row house fram The 70’s with quite open plan spaces. Also only three bedrooms, small. And two living rooms, one on The souterrain level. And all rooms that is on the back of the house have wall to wall windows that we du not want to interfer with the way many neighbours have. That kind of leaves us with two small kid rooms with wall to wall windows and access to a big balcony on the third floor. We managed two get the two older kids together in one room right before the youngest was born this spring. We put a big bunk bed in and built two desks (plywood, Ikea legs)right by the windows so they each have their own space. It all was much easier and looks so much better than we expected. We went with the color scheme we already had, white walls, black and wood and lots books. And brightly colored wooden toys. Added a blackboard wall covered with glow in the dark stars as a kind of headboard /accent wall. They also each have a small shelf by the bed for trinkets and small toys. The youngest still only uses his room for nappy changes but it is mostly intact from his older sister, soft grey walls, wood, and a lemoncurd-yellow cupboard makes it really cozy. And of course the lovingly renovated vintage child bed, again black and wood. And in both rooms my mothers handwoven ragrugs in bright colors and simple curtains. The rest of the house is pretty minimal, all white and wood. For now the kids are happy and even offered to make room in the shared room for their little brother so he will not have to feel lonely when it is time for him to leave our room :-)


    15 Dec 16 at 5:49 pm

  2. Elisabet, wow, your space sounds lovely and calm. That is so absolutely sweet that the older children want to make room for the baby. That sort of thing just makes my heart explode! I always try to remember that our bedrooms are really just for sleeping, therefore keeping them clutter free and calming is key.

    John & Juli

    16 Dec 16 at 11:52 am

  3. Can I ask who the black and white print is by in the first photo, it’s really lovely


    22 Dec 16 at 12:45 pm

  4. Hi Katie, it’s by Ellsworth Kelly…not necessarily the most appropriate piece for a kids room but it’s so big we aren’t sure where else to hang it. Plus his room currently has a black and white theme. Thanks for asking!

    John & Juli

    2 Jan 17 at 11:21 am

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