City of Makers

April 29th, 2015

Last summer I (John) hosted a documentary series called City of Makers. Produced by Andrea Orazi for Narrative Pictures and directed by Scott Abraham, the series examines the people who shape a city’s creative identity.

Ive been meaning to share this on the blog once the episodes became available, so very sorry for my delay. Having a store that specializes in goods from Scandinavia and Japan we aren’t well-known for carrying Canadian made things, but you might be surprised how many things we have that are made right here in Toronto. When Scott and Andrea approached us to be involved in their documentary series, I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce our friends whose work we really love and respect and who we feel are on an international level of quality but just so happen to live here in Toronto.

I hope you enjoy this first series!

Learn more about the project from the City of Makers Director Scott Abraham.

Click here for the City of Makers website.

Alissa Coe
Alissa is a ceramicist who mainly produces sculptural commissions, including work for the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. Alissa also produces the Sucabaruca coffee set for Design store and gallery Mjolk.

Brian Richer
Brian is an artist who works in stone, his work is influenced by his training as an architectural stone carver. He is also a designer for his company Castor.

Brian Vu – Latre Art and Style
Brian runs his own store in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto.  Brian uses the ancient dye indigo to colour his clothing, his designs are influenced by his love of military clothing.

Sarra Tang – Hoi Bo
Sarra is a designer who makes bags, clothing and accessories for her company Hoi Bo.  Sarra is known for bags made from her unique hand processed dry wax material.

Lubo Brezina – Lubo Design
Lubo is a furniture designer who works in wood. Lubo’s recognizable style combines substantial timber with Japanese joinery techniques.


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  1. Hi John! Thanks you for sharing these videos. Each one is so inspiring. I loved Lubo answering it´s not work but one´s life! It´s the way we hand beings think and are! I enjoy very much your blog. Hugs from Buenos Aires | Leandro.

    Leandro Egido

    3 May 15 at 9:38 pm

  2. John, so far, I have just watched the Alissa Coe video which is terrific. It makes so much difference to get to know the person behind the object, but this has always been the case.
    I was trying to find a website for Alissa to perhaps contact her…I have produced a series of photographs ( I had some time in the past left a small catalog at Mjolk) that are images of leaves and seed pods and thought maybe it would be interesting for Alissa and I to consider exhibiting our plant based work, together. Perhaps you may have some ideas.
    Anyway lovely job on the videos John.


  3. Great series John.

    Adriene Veninger

    11 May 15 at 8:43 am

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