Jurgen Lehl

October 11th, 2014


This morning I was notified that Jurgen Lehl died in an unfortunate accident, and all day my heart has felt a great weight. We were graciously allowed to be one of the only stores outside of Japan to carry Mr. Lehl’s beautiful textiles and designs and having worked with Mr. Lehl for a couple of years we had made plans to come visit him in the New Year to interview him for our next book, and talk about a future exhibition.

I have been diving deeper into the Jurgen Lehl rabbit hole in the weeks before his passing, reading his books. Researching for the interview next year, and of course bringing in a much larger collection of his fabrics and designs than we have ever carried in the past.

My last correspondence with Mr. Lehl was letting him know I received his books, and our daughter Elodie was very interested in the book he did about rocks, and has asked to see it over and over. That was sent the day before he passed away. I hope the message made it to him, although the sentiment was simple I think he would have appreciated it.

A very inspiring man, who will be remembered for much more than his clothing.

If you are not familiar with his works I have compiled a small sampling.


tumblr_n7mbka1bai1tary07o1_1280 tumblr_n6a6xtUn9s1tary07o1_1280

tumblr_n7ylwf65ui1tary07o1_1280  tumblr_n9icqsLnhY1tary07o1_1280




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  1. I was glad to read your article about Jurgen Lehl as I was saddens by his passing and the his beautiful design and his philosophy, interest in nature etc. wasn’t well known in the west. I live in Irelad but originally from Okinawa he died. My father was from the island where he had a second house. He used my weaver friend’s textile and in his design I can see a lot of influence by Okinawan nature. Thank you.

    Eriko Hopkinson

    16 Oct 14 at 12:57 am

  2. What a kind post and tribute.
    For a long time now I like it when design, or made things are not so contrived, not so manipulative in the way it can be viewed or used. It is difficult to describe. Some design can be so aggressive and tiresome that it really takes energy rather than give energy.
    By the way, I thought the work of this artist might interest you: http://www.stedelijkmuseumschiedam.nl/en/exhibitions/currently-in-the-museum/410-herman-de-vries-all
    I think his work relates in a way to the beautiful birch-bark artwork you have in the store and the dried flower piece and the Wasps nest (I love all of them, you are so lucky).There are some images of his work here: http://wanderlustmind.com/2011/02/04/herman-de-vries/
    Have a wonderful day!


    22 Oct 14 at 10:47 am

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