Studioilse residency at The Apartment in Copenhagen

September 30th, 2014


In celebration of Mjolk’s debut of The StudioIlse collection for De La Espada later this month I thought we would re-post some images of Ilse’ Crawfords newest exhibition at “The Apartment” in Copenhagen.

If we had to pick our favourite Interior designer, it would have to be Ilse Crawford. Her book “Home is where the heart is” was an important reaffirmation of the importance of the home, and her interiors have an important emotional quality that transcends superficial visual aesthetic. After being so inspired and enamored with the debut of the StudioIlse collection for De La Espada, as well as her lighting collection for Wastberg in Sweden, we are proud to say you will be able to order both of these collections through Mjolk.

We will have the full StudioIlse collection for De La Espada here at the showroom later this month, and they are already on our website with images and pricing. Little by little we are slowly evolving bringing in artists that reflect more than just our aesthetics but that share our values and principals. We are very excited about this partnership, and we hope you will be too.

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Studioilse residency at The Apartment in Copenhagen

For three months, Studioilse led by Ilse Crawford moves into the design gallery The Apartment in Copenhagen. To achieve the ambition of a residency, Studioilse will create a homely atmosphere with kitchen suppers and lively discussions.

Ilse Crawford believes that good design supports human life and behaviour – be it a neighbourhood, a building, a room, a piece of furniture or a small object. The work of Studioilse puts this mindset into practice, designing places and things that work for people on all levels. With this in mind the studio will inhabit Tina Seidenfaden Busck’s design gallery The Apartment in Copenhagen, filling it with life as well as furniture.
“Too much design today is showcased or exhibited rather than experienced or used. What
attracts us to The Apartment setting is that this is a real apartment in a residential building
and hence a setting where the furniture and objects all make perfect sense. We wouldn’t
do something like this in a gallery where the pieces are put on pedestals. We would like to
see the rooms in use. In Tina we have found the perfect partner to explore our philosophy

– Ilse Crawford



‘Brass Cabinet’, crafted by North London manufacturer Jack Trench.



Wall lamp by StudioIlse for Wastberg


Together table and high back benches by Studio Ilse for De La Espada, hanging lamps by Inga Sempe.


Our dream bed: The Companions bed.


Companions writing desk for De La Espada, and table lamp for Wastberg.

Photos and Press release from The Apartment.

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