IDS: Prototype

February 7th, 2009

The IDS: Prototype series is a juried show, selected based on a criteria that includes function, aesthetics, design innovation and market potential. Featuring both emerging and established talent these objects are not yet in production but seeking manufacturers. This was probably our favorite part of the show, we love seeing new and enthusiastic artists at these shows. This year did not disappoint, there was a full crop of great designs and amazing potential. We have our eye on a few of these designers and can’t wait to map out their progress.

Here’s a brief tour of the event:


Designer Stephen Lindsay’s Dune tiles really caught our eyes, the Scottish designer returning back to Canada (hopefully for good) created these tiles in walnut and concrete. You may have heard about his “Schtik” hanger and coffee table.


Anna Buechin’s Felted Stool is even more impressive in person. The bright coloured cushions are molded into it’s shape using heat and steam against felt over a wooden mold.

Zoe Mowat

Zoe Mowat, seen here featuring a brand new lamp prototype that we didn’t get the chance to cover in our article about her last week.


We were thrilled to run into Winnipeg’s own Keep it Cartesian’s Thom & Nils. KIC’s elegant white letter holder, Light Switch, & Hanger Clutch are a must have for the modern home, and we can’t wait till they’re in production. For more information and pictures of Keep it Cartesian’s work check out the article we wrote here.

Jang Won Yoon
Jang Won Yoon’s Janus chair/stool.


Jang Won Yoon’s Janus chair was one of our favorite designs, it’s one of those “I wish I thought of that” designs. Intended to be used outdoors, the top half of the chair folds down covering the bottom seat keeping it clean for it’s next use. Even though this chair was designed for the outdoors, we could easily see it in an upscale loft against a white interior.


Jang Won Yoon’s Blade is an elegant take on the bar stool.


Cista is a unique rain water harvesting concept. You set it up outside so that the water from your eaves trough flows into it. There is a tap at the bottom so that you can hook up a hose and water your yard. More modern than the typical rain barrel, the stainless steel design and plants make it a garden statement.

Timid Glass

Timid Glass


ONE3CREATIVE BNCH simple, functional, beautiful.

Rob Southcott

Rob Southcott’s Community is made from reclaimed lumber in a selected variety, symbolizing multiculturalism.

Stephane Ducatteau

Stephane Ducatteau’s STRUCTURE console table.

Dudley Mack

Dudley Mack’s 13th Floor

Question Objects


Re Bound by Design Team: Jacob Edding, Isabelle Tremblay, Rob Vandenhoek, Andrea Hardcastle, Ryan Allen, & Samreet Bal. This is one sexy chair! It’s comprised of woven rubber stretched over a steel frame, the tied back alludes to a tightly laced corset.


Bobles, from design sisters Bolette & Louise Blaedel. These Danish toys allow rambunctious children play noiselessly.

BCK Design

Science and Sons

Science and Sons pendant lamp

Brad Turner Glass

Brad Turner Glass object, inspired by Eero Aarnio’s iconic ball chair


iancoxDESIGN’s Mule combining two very different mediums into a beautiful, functional coffee table.


No Office Architecture

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