Rainy days

June 11th, 2013



Toddlers are notoriously terrible with staying cooped up indoors.  What to do with all these rainy days we’ve been having? Any and all suggestions welcome…places to go, things to do at home.

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  1. Hi, Just want to say I love your blog and store. You guys inspiring me very much and want all things you have in the store and home:-) I woulden´t mind if you show more pitcures from your home.
    Susanne from Sweden

  2. Hi Susanne, thank you for the nice words! We’re still a bit camera shy with the house. We only just moved in and we’re still trying to fill it with our energy. I am sure we’ll do a house tour eventually!

    John & Juli

    11 Jun 13 at 12:09 pm

  3. Couldn’t resist commenting – I love your store too (and I think I saw you at the Flea on Sunday!), and spend my days running after a two year old, so I know what it’s like. Have you tried baking bread with Elodie? Sounds like a lot of work, but with only a few ingredients, it’s easy and kids love it. The best part is that, unlike cake, you can’t overbeat, over mix, etc. The rougher they are the better! We also spent a lot of time these days with Montessori-style trays – trays of rocks, shells, plants – anything tactile and interesting.


    11 Jun 13 at 1:11 pm

  4. Hi Meredith! Wasn’t the flea fun? I love going. I’ve been thinking about Montessori style activities but thought maybe she is a bit too young. I tried having her help stir some biscuits I was making and well, the flour gets flung (accidentally). But I will keep it in mind for in a few months! Would certainly save on bread, since the good stuff is like $6 now!!! And will look into making the trays you mentioned!

    John & Juli

    11 Jun 13 at 2:00 pm

  5. Hi John and Juli;
    1. toddlers like company (other toddlers) at 1,5 our daughter lost a lot of her interest in me/ us.
    2. toddlers like to try to do what you do (or pretend that they do what you do)
    3. I find that it is best when they are concentrated in what they are doing to let them be (some books on child rearing tell you to compliment them on playing so well, but I found that that breaks the spell, you can compliment her afterwards).
    4. Try to find Stockmar block crayons, they are good quality and high in pigmentation and she will not learn “wrong” ways to hold a pencil (very difficult to unlearn) and give her the back of an old wallpaper-roll she can draw on
    5. put her in the bathroom with a bucket of water (not full of course) and some waterproof toys, (leave the door open so you can check on her)
    6. we made the room of our toddlers childproof (with a nice warm rug on the floor) and put a gate in the dooropening. That way when we closed the gate they had a “big” space where we could leave them be (and they will be safe) while we did something else (rather than a playpen that became too small at that age).
    And enjoy, enjoy enjoy, they grow up so fast!!!


    11 Jun 13 at 3:43 pm

  6. Hi Simone! Thanks for the suggestions! We are super lucky in that I have a free early year’s play centre across the street and a public library spitting distance away, so we are able to get out. I’ll look into the crayons, the ones she has she definitely holds all wrong!


    11 Jun 13 at 5:40 pm

  7. dressed right, you can play in the rain, puddles and mud. it can be fun


    11 Jun 13 at 5:18 pm

  8. Janet, you are so right. Since I think we’re going to be getting a lot of rain this summer, I think I will be picking up a rain coat this week.


    11 Jun 13 at 5:41 pm

  9. Enjoy the puddles, and the mud where you can find it–worms are good to watch up close too. I agree with spending time in the bathtub polishing chrome– also sorting, stirring and baking–requires patience and deep breathing on the part of parents. I am also a Montessorian as is my son who is now teaching at the school he went to. ” Follow the child” is essential. I can get you more info if you’d
    like. Time roaming High Park would be recommended-let her walk/run. Less time in the store for one of you…

    Holly Gnaedinger

    11 Jun 13 at 8:23 pm

  10. Hi Holly, thanks for the reminders. I am someone who doesn’t like mess so a lot of deep breathing is required…trying to loosen up. I’m also interested in applying some Montessori to our day to day. Every time she collects rocks and sticks I am pocketing them to put in a bin so she can explore them at home. But I only have a couple of rocks and a stick to start…haha. Do you know any good resources?


    13 Jun 13 at 1:05 pm

  11. we build alot of indoor cubbies. I push our two lounges near each other and pop a fitted sheet over the top. My toddler loves running through and reading books inside it, and we often roll toy cars across the top. We have alot of lounge room dance parties too :)


    11 Jun 13 at 10:45 pm

  12. Laura, that’s too cute. Will have to try that! She has a cardboard box house but I guess the newness of a makeshift fort would be appealing.


    13 Jun 13 at 1:10 pm

  13. I can send you some crayons if you like.
    Have a wonderful day.


    13 Jun 13 at 8:26 am

  14. Aww Simone, you’re too sweet. I’m sure I can find them locally, but if you do send some I can send you Mjolk Vol 2 in exchange!

    John & Juli

    13 Jun 13 at 1:09 pm

  15. Elodie is super cute!

    My little guy (11 months but has been toddling around since 9 months) can keep busy at his train table for a long time. I bought a Lack table from Ikea and glued the train tracks to it so I don’t have to worry about putting the track back together every two minutes.

    When I am out of ideas I will set up his travel crib and fill it with balls (Target has great ones!) so its like a little ball pit.

    Swimming is also a great rainy day activity for getting all that energy out!


    13 Jun 13 at 6:07 pm

  16. Also – the Science Centre has a really amazing area for toddlers.


    13 Jun 13 at 6:40 pm

  17. We like going to the ROM and AGO on rainy days. Also, the Children’s Storefront. Going on walks is a great way to pass the time, assuming everyone is appropriately dressed. Also, I like to run errands – ones that are manageable with a toddler. And we also like to clean the house!


    13 Jun 13 at 8:46 pm

  18. I love going to the science centre when the weather won’t co-operate. May be a bit of a trek for you from the west end but I promise you about 4 hours of fun for Elodie, followed by a long nap due to the overwhelming nature of the amount of physical energy she will expunge. My son Gabe runs like a madman in there then sleeps like a baby for an extra hour.


    22 Jun 13 at 5:41 am

  19. Hey Jake, ahhh I loved the Science Centre when I was a kid. It’s actually not too far from where we are as we have easy access to ALL highways, but I feel like maybe she is too young at 15 months???


    2 Jul 13 at 12:28 pm

  20. Homemade play dough (I use a recipe that uses Jello powdered mix for colour and scent) is fun, and totally non-toxic if some of it makes its way into Elodie’s mouth. If you can stand the mess, fill up a bin or lasagna pan with dried beans or oatmeal, and give her spoons, measuring cups, etc. for scooping. Long, middle-of-the-day bubble bath. If you have any outdoor space, a water table is fun, or make your own with a low Rubbermaid bin and water toys. You can “paint” with water outdoors too.


    25 Jun 13 at 11:22 am

  21. Hi Jaimie! Great ideas! I’ve been meaning to fill some dishes with different kitchen staples – will definitely make a mess but that’s what a vacuum is for…Bubble bath would be hard since she’ll only sit in the tub for like 3 minutes, ha! One day!

    John & Juli

    2 Jul 13 at 12:30 pm

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