Kazumi Tsuji @ Mjölk

June 1st, 2013


On Thursday we hosted a solo exhibition of Kanazawa based glass artist Kazumi Tsuji. We were particularly excited about this exhibition because we had just met up with Kazumi in Japan the month before, and also spent the last 4 weeks putting the finishing touches on Mjölk Volume II, which Kazumi has a large feature in. So we were definitely in Kazumi-mode in the weeks leading up to the exhibition. By the way, our second book is at the printers as we speak. More on that later!

If you are not familiar with Kazumi Tsuji’s work, or the show in general here is a little summary. Kazumi’s special glasses are a collection of clear mouth-blown glass with a thin delicate layer of black/purple glass on top. Kazumi then cuts patterns into the thin black glass to reveal the clear glass beneath it.

Along with her notable clear and black glasses, we were also showing special blue glasses during the exhibition. These are very special because they are the result of a years worth of broken glass from Kazumi’s studio. The discarded glass is collected and melted down, the result was a surprise – an incredibly rich blue glass! These are the unique and signed works only available during this exhibition.

Above: Our Studio Junction crafted tea carts holding unique glass bottles and funnels made for the exhibition.


The clear air pitcher holding some flowers.



Our black bookcase with black glassware.


Very special large bowls with various cut and etched patterns.


The collection of “Reclaimed blue” glasses on an oak table by Børge Mogensen.



Triangle shaped bowls.


Decal by Sali Tabacchi.


These two are the cutest, aren’t they? Friend of the shop Vincent with Kazumi Tsuji.



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Thank you to everyone who attended!

For those who missed the evening, the work is still on display and we will be adding pieces to the webshop soon.

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