Kazumi Tsuji, May 30th exhibition

May 14th, 2013


Mjölk is proud to present the first Canadian solo exhibition for Kanazawa based glass artist Kazumi Tsuji (Factory Zoomer).
The exhibition will feature Kazumi Tsuji’s modern interpretation of Kiriko glasses, which is titled “Men-choco”.

This is the Japanese technique of layering paper thin coloured glass over a clear glass base which allows the artist to cut patterns into the coloured surface to reveal the clear contrast underneath.
Kazumi Tsuji’s interpretation uses a black/purple outer layer, which she cuts or polishes away, leaving a soft matte texture. A combination of bowls, plates and glasses will be available to purchase.

We will also present a limited series called “Re-claimed blue” which is the result of re- cycling broken or defective glasses from her studio. The combination of clear glass and black/purple glasses from her “Men-choco” collection resulted in a stunning blue colour.

A surprise that revealed recycled glass could be even more beautiful than their originals.

Please join us for our opening reception May 30th from 7:00 – 10:00pm
Kazumi Tsuji will be in attendance at the exhibition.


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