One Year

April 6th, 2013



We did it! We officially have a toddler. We cannot believe how fast and slow and timeless this last year has been.


[walking photo series by Taylor Shute, captured on March 23rd, 2013]


Last weekend we celebrated Elodie’s first birthday! It was truly a perfect day, spent with friends and family, small and tall.
[banner made by Hollie via a Martha Stewart pattern – thanks Hollie!]

Our friend Celine Kim was so nice to offer to photograph the party, allowing me to give my full attention to the birthday girl and guests. Thank you so much Celine, the photos really capture the day. All photographs are by Celine unless otherwise noted.


Cake by Lindsey.


Where would we be without instagram and iphone? I mean, it’s so distracting but I don’t think I’d have as many great shots to choose from! Am I right? But really, I need to take a break now that Elodie is taking such a vehement interest in these technological doodads.

elodieflowers elodiegrandpa

Flowers by Coriander Girl.

And that’s it for my decorating! I was going to do some more things but who am I kidding, I can barely do my part for the shop and take care of a now one-year-old. Plus I only think I’m crafty, heh.

Elodie and Grandpa Baker taking a stroll. Petit Bateau dress from Grandma Daoust, thank you!


Hey, it’s Eloise!


Oliver (and Adam). You cannot wrestle this baby from John or me. Elodie is such an active baby she’s not much of a cuddler. Oliver simply exudes gooey squishy love.


Time to open presents! What can I say, our friends and family spoiled us. Elodie gave each card and gift her rapt attention, and loves them all. Thank you!


She hugs gifts.


A thoughtful custom wood block set from Taylor and Jen (btw, they started a great blog about home brewing and food)!


Hi Uncle Frank, Taylor, Blaise, Ronnie and Hollie!


Cake time. Yes, that is a gigantic cake. Maybe a little overwhelming for such a young pup but she handled it with the requisite level of awe.


John shows Elodie that cake is for eating.


Isha was so there for the cake.


So was Eloise. Now if only they could share toys.


Time to play with nanna. Hollie spends a lot of time with Elodie and knew these balls would be a hit.


Elodie and neighbourhood pal Elle are up to no good, as usual. Looks like Elodie is becoming a ringleader…great…


Amie, Aria and Blaise.


Elodie became intensely fascinated with Celine’s husband Jin.

I wanted to share four photos that Taylor took too, so indulge me for one (four) more moment!

elodiebday3 elodiebday4
elodiebday2 Elodiebday1

Happy Birthday sweets! It’s been an amazing year, to say the least.

[Hollie Martha Stewart’d again with the above owl and elephant applique on wood pieces. What a doll.]



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  1. i got chocked up looking at these. What a special day.


    7 Apr 13 at 1:48 am

  2. Beautiful girl! That picture of her hugging her present is TOO MUCH. Happy birthday, baby!


    7 Apr 13 at 9:22 am

  3. I think this is my favourite post! Happy birthday Elodie! X


    7 Apr 13 at 4:00 pm

  4. What great pictures, it was a great day. It was so cute Elodie hugging all of her gifts when she opened them. What a cutie.


    7 Apr 13 at 6:48 pm

  5. Congratulations Juli and John! You did it!! You survived the first year of your first child! What a crazy year it has been, I am so happy to have shared it with you throughout the entire year! And this wonderful party was the perfect way to cap it off!

    Now to the world of toddlerhood!! xoxo


    8 Apr 13 at 12:55 pm

  6. Awww! So adorable. Happy birthday little Elodie! :-)


    8 Apr 13 at 1:16 pm

  7. The little ones are adorable.


    21 Apr 13 at 7:25 pm

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