ISSHO – Oji Masanori exhibition in August

July 16th, 2012

Please mark your calenders for August 11th, because Japanese industrial designer Masanori Oji is coming back to Mjölk for his second exhibition.

Among a retrospect of Oji-san’s work he will also be debuting a collection of cutlery, a service of porcelain, and a collection of new wooden trays. In addition to promoting our new book which of course features several different artisans from Asahikawa Japan there will also be a curated exhibition of Asahikawa hand crafts present, many of which have not been exhibited in North America before. Last but certainly not least we will also be showcasing a collection of new glassware which is a collaboration between Oji Masanori and glass blowers Mr. and Mrs. Hira of Studio Preppa.

Oji-san sent us a statement about the exhibition he has titled ISSHO
ISSHO means doing something “together” in Japanese.

The word represents the link between minds and souls of people who make, design, communicate, and use objects, acknowledging the differences of viewpoint.

The movement itself of people linking together, giving respect to each other, is a large-scale, complex, and dynamic process, but it is born from a simple emotion.

“I share the same feeling together.”  “Let’s eat together.”  “Let’s play together.”  “Let’s work together.”   “Let’s be together.”

I think the happiest moment comes when everybody wants to stay together.

This time, I hold an exhibition with my friends and glass blowers, Mr. and Ms. HIRA of STUDIO PREPA.

Simple yet gorgeous tablewares designed by Oji & Design, making use of various Japanese traditional crafting techniques and materials.

Shiny and colorful cups and bowls which look like flowers secretly blooming in the grass field.

Thanks to their high-class glass refining and blowing techniques, these glasswares shine as if a layer of light is sealed in.

I believe they are the brightest in the world and quite happy to share this time and space together.

Of course, we will exhibit lots of other items made or designed by my Japanese friends, “together.”

It is my sincere hope to share this wonderful exhibition with you all!

– Oji Masanori

The exhibition will be held August 11th from 7 – 11pm for the opening reception, as well as a public showing from 12 – 5pm during the day on Sunday.




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