Guest cottage – painting the ceiling

May 26th, 2012


Another Thursday and we’re crossing a lot of the big ones off of our “to-do list”. This time around we had to rent a paint sprayer and paint the entire wood ceiling (although nice, the back cottage tends toward dark and dank).  We didn’t know whether or not we needed to use primer so we purchased 10 gallons of the 2 in 1 paint and primer in an egg shell cloud white. The same paint we used on the water front cottage, and even the store.

You may remember that last time around we rented the sprayer but got freaked out because the ceilings were too high so we ended up having to hire someone. Glad this time we were able to do it ourselves! Also, here’s a flashback to when we first took down the old drop ceiling!

Outfitted with white painter hats, goggles, and face masks we started painting in the corner room to perfect our painting method before moving into the living room.


We were really motivated to get the painting done in one day, so we really hustled. The amount of over spray is pretty incredible so covering all of the floor surfaces in the living room was essential.


The fireplace was pretty terrifying to paint but in the end I think it looks really clean and bright.



This is definitely inspired by the white plastered fireplaces that Alvar Aalto made, and although we only painted the surface it still has the same effect. When all of the tape is gone exposing the old wood shelf, and the brass and copper fireplace the contrast is going to look really nice. You’ll have to wait until next week to see that!


Here is the porch room – so much brighter! We discovered that the floor in here was already painted white but it’ll get a fresh coat next week.


LCBO paper bags protecting the old copper sconces from paint.



The original doors in the cottage were off limits for painting, but these french doors actually look quite appropriate with the pale floors and white ceiling.


You might not have noticed in the old photographs but some of the beams were made of different pieces of wood (added as extra reinforcement against snow way back when the snow was so deep it reached the eaves) so now that they have all been white washed the ceiling looks cohesive and you can appreciate the architecture even more.

Next week our friend Dan from Hindsvik is supposed to come up with us to do one last push to get this cottage in order before furnishing it, so stay tuned for some bromance next week.


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