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April 6th, 2012


We are so happy to announce the birth of Elodie (above, she is is one week old!).


About 38 weeks…anticipation!

IMG_1467 IMG_1490

Not sure what it is about being pregnant but it often brings out the craftiness in the ladies. Pregnant pal Celine (who is due any day!) and I made soft blocks and baby quilts. The day before our scheduled c section (unfortunate but necessary) Lindsey Bakes popped by the shop with a box of goodies that got us through the two days in hospital. How adorable are those onesies!!!!


About 40 minutes old.

IMG_1522 baby2

Dad’s set up / Visiting baby in the NICU (unfortunately we didn’t get to spend the first night with her, as she had fluid in her lungs and needed to be taken care of…but thankfully everything was otherwise ok!)


After 30 hours in the NICU she was finally handed over to us. Our first early morning together (got it under control).


One of the first big laughs for mom and dad: discovering that 0-3 month clothing is waaaay too big for a newborn.


Home to Isha! Her first whiff of the baby she was caught pretty off guard, but she seems to be handling things ok. We’ve been making a big effort to pay a lot of attention to her too.

IMG_1532 IMG_1534

This blog just got a whole lot cuter. Cats and babies. Elodie meet Isha. Isha meet Elodie / Classic Isha – butt to the baby, with tail covering her head for good measure.


Ready to watch Game of Thrones!

We still have a few silk baby hats available in the shop. Elodie is modelling the size 0, which still has plenty of room to grow into. Currently not available online though so email us.

IMG_1542 IMG_1565

A few more for good measure.


This happens more than is practical.

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