Ando Masanobu opening

February 25th, 2012



On Wednesday we drove to the airport with artist (and translator for the week) Takeya Daisuke to pick up Mr. Ando. The next day we emptied the first half of the store and carried in a huge 4″ thick Douglas Fir slab bench we had SMASH make for the exhibition. The bench is inspired by the long wood planks we saw at Ando Masanobu’s studio that he uses to display his work.


We really love the display bench, it might have to stick around after the exhibition. It just displays ceramics so nicely.


Let’s take you through some of the objects featured:


From left: a large colander, medium colander, and a soap dish.


The special art piece made for the exhibition is “a box of air”. Inspired by the volume within the Japanese bedroom, it allows the user to recreate this sacred space by placing a small stone or flower in the middle of the square.


A unique glazed bowl.


A ceramic pitcher inspired by antique enamelware.


Magnesium, copper, and bronze coated ovenware makes these pieces appear as if they are rusted cast iron.


A dinner plate, soup bowl, and renge soup spoon.


Two ceramic coffee drippers, for pour over coffee.


A cream pitcher and milk pitcher


Renge soup spoons, so beautiful.


A single stem ceramic wall vase.


The front riser features the set of flower dishes and a silver coated ceramic dish.

There are some works still available, so if you live in Toronto please visit us while the exhibition is still running over the next week. We’ll have some photos of the opening party with Mr. Ando in the next day or two, so stay tuned!

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