New Japanese handcrafts at Mjölk

December 11th, 2011


During our last trip to Japan in September, it was really important that we tracked down 3 artists that I’ve wanted to represent through our store. There were three main mediums we specifically wanted to showcase: wood, glass, and ceramics.

We feel these artisans represent the best of each medium, and we’re honored to be representing them.

This photograph represents all of these materials in use:

Oak tray & cherry wood spoon by Tomii Takashi

Rain glass by Tsuji Kazumi

Ceramic flower dish by Masanobu Ando


The tray is hand tooled from one solid piece of white oak. The coaster and “rain” glass follow this linear pattern.

Round chestnut tray by Tomii Takashi, and 3 glasses by Tsuji Kazumi.


Glass artist Kazumi Tsuji’s pieces are mouth blown and then manipulated based on each specific design. The clear glass series is inspired by weather patterns, representing a clear day, a rainy day, a snowy day, and a starry night. The other “dark” glasses are a experiment in different glass techniques, involving polishing, sand blasting, and cutting. Each glass is big enough to be a drinking glass, or a small yogurt bowl.

Please stop by the store to see all of the new works in person!

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