Mjölk + HOI BO Pop up shop launch

October 24th, 2011

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Friday night we had the opening for “Hoi bo + Mjolk: A perspective on travel”. We set up the front half of our showroom with a Hoi Bo popup shop to showcase Hoi Bo’s beautiful collection. The night also fell on the same night as the Junction “Show Off” event, which we couldn’t participate in because of our scaffolding in front of the building.

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Waxed cotton tool rolls for wrapping up toiletries and having a place to set your items on instead of placing them on the bathroom counter. The leather cases are all hand formed, and the closures were custom made and designed by Sarra.

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To bring more of Hoi Bo’s studio to our shop, they brought their fern. We secretly want to keep it because it looks so good in the front space.

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Bags lined up on the white risers.

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A custom dress, bag, and necklace by Hoi Bo.

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We served a collection of Quebec cheeses from the Junction Fromagerie with pumkin seeds, cranberries, and grapes.

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Our three Thor Bjorklund knives.

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Custom leather wrapped apothecary jars for pills, or balms.

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The first bag when you enter is the black leather on grey canvas travel bag.

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Although we only took photos in the beginning and it doesn’t look like that many people came, it really got packed after an hour of being open. We had a bunch of apple cider and Perrier and it along with the cheese was demolished by 9:00.

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Part of the exhibition will continue this week, we hope to see you in the shop! Of course, the travel bag will be here longer.

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  1. Too bad you’re so far away (or I’m so far away here in Vancouver…)–I would have come! Very inspiring cheese board, by the way!


    24 Oct 11 at 9:45 pm

  2. Such luscious, lovely work and product/art display! Thank you. I subscribed to your site because of the gorgeous photos of your Japan trips, and now I am completely hooked.


    25 Oct 11 at 10:37 am

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